I aim to share feedback on many topics, including life in France, and technology experiments. Will try to make it interesting and fun.

Aviron, Régate de masse Mantes-Le-Jolie 2019

J’ai assisté à la réalisation de la régate de masse 2019 à Mantes-La-Jolie, en tant qu’auxiliaire de sécurité sur le bassin. Le but est bien entendu, prévenir les abordages et intervenir en cas de problème.

R meta programmation

Lately, R meta programmation seems to be in vogue. Very huge promises, encompassing code to produce code, variable indirection naming schemes, and many others marvelous features are now available through the tidyverse. Indeed, very huge promises, are generally the right sensor to enter into skepticism and to verify by our-self it worth or not to switch from well-known and limited code approaches, to less-known more promising and more modern code approaches