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Offensive programming ecosystem has been upgraded. You may now use new versions of packages according to following table

package name (available on CRAN) recommanded version
wyz.code.offensiveProgramming 1.1.17 or higher
wyz.code.testthat 1.1.16 or higher
wyz.code.metaTesting 1.1.11 or higher
wyz.code.rdoc 1.1.15 or higher

New functionnalities

Global support of environment, S3, S4, RC and R6 objects enhanced and strengthened. Offensive programming instrumentation is available for your favorite R class flavor.

Package wyz.code.rdoc allows you to create R manual pages in a programmatic way, thus allowing greater reuse of documentation pieces from one manual page to another.

Moreover, you can now also use it with standard R functions. Offensive programming instrumentation is no more a required precondition to generate mannual pages with package wyz.code.rdoc.

Scope of supported manual pages for generation is now complete: data, function, objects/classes and package manual pages can be generated in a programmatic way.

Main enhancements

You have

  1. higher usability: more intuitive and friendly functions
  2. increased robustness: more than 400 tests added
  3. improved documentation: both manual pages (made using wyz.code.rdoc) and vignettes have been rewritten
  4. increased code coverage: a global score higher than 99%.

Feel free to download directly from CRAN for trial, experimentation or for professional use.

Read online offensive programming book to discover how to generate easily R manual pages from your code, while owning full control on production options and on content.