I aim to share feedback on many topics, including life in France, and technology experiments. Will try to make it interesting and fun.

Improving your chess play - part 3

Experimenting chessboard influence

This is the third post of a serie, dedicated to chessplay and more specifically to the battle of influence on the chessboard.
We are now trying to compute influence zone over the chessboard.

Improving your chess play - part 2

Experimenting rchess package

This is the second post of a serie, dedicated to rchess R package.
This week we aim to produce chess game half-move images and to proceed to a movie montage in order to get a video representative of the full chess game. In cas you missed first part, you may read part 1 here

Producing chess half-move images

From a pgn chess file, using rchess, we should be able to load the game, get the FEN string for each of its positions and to produce a ggplot to be saved under png image format. Pay attention to not confuse pgn and png. To do so, I’ll use following R code, and use a short file I played with black side on lichess.org ```R fn <- file.path(“~/pgn”, ‘20180410_Chessmonkey1_vs_neonira.P4oDzgTw.pgn’) pgn <- readLines(fn, warn = FALSE) pgn <- paste(pgn, collapse = “\n”) chsspgn <- Chess$new() if (!chsspgn$load_pgn(pgn)) stop(paste(‘unable to load pgn file’, fn))


Experimenting rchess package

I am fan of chess. As a player, I face some real issues with my play and wish to know if rchess could help improve your/my chess play.

I have at least 2 ideas to test with rchess. First one, is assessing easyness of chess diagrams and chess movies production. The second one, is about creating new analysis diagrams based on chessboard influence.

rchess package discovery

Let’s keep it simple. You should browse http://jkunst.com/rchess/ to get some knowledge about how to use rchess. This site is simply good and reliable source of information about rchess.

TCEC season 9 - Houdini vs Komodo

Chess engine championship TCEC season 9, stage 3 terminated on first week of September 2016, and we can not argue without surprise. Stockfish had a powerfull lead, and Houdini, already 3 times winner of this championship, succeeded in qualifying for the final. One looser, Komodo, current champion, faced strong opposition, apparently stronger thant supposed to be qualified.

Sudoku solver

Sudoku solver

One good friend of mine, fond of Sudoku, was arguing that sometimes you need to infer several times to achieve solving. His assertion makes me feel unsure.

jeux de mots

Parler juste, trouver le mot fidèle à sa pensée, s'exprimer de manière imagée est le rêve de nombre d'entre nous. Aussi, me suis je intéressé à quelques expressions et tournures parfaitement représentative de notre époque, où la langue de bois prend le pas sur le dialogue, ou l'idée n'est plus défendue par un argumentaire mais pas sa recevabilité, ou le débat n'est plus qu'opposition systématique, souvent stérile, parfois utile, fréquemment inintéressante.

Aussi, voici quelques expressions, jolis mots, jeux verbaux et autres plaisanteries, tirées de la vie quotidienne, qui montrent l'omni présence de l'humour de notre langue, et donne une première idée des pirouettes possibles.

Save the canteen!

How to increase the frequentation of the staff canteen?

The chief executive director of a military domain company, felt sorry for the lack of frequentation of the staff canteen. He informed the chief security officer on its doubts, about the survival of the staff canteen if it does not get more interest from the employees.

Which decision would you take to save the staff canteen?

The chief security officer did a private enquiry that showed most part of the employes were getting out to the nearest commercial center for lunch. Employees had to walk roughly ten minutes to reach this center.

He decided to change the internal procedure rules, switching from one hour to half an hour for lunch time. As only few employees will accept to eat in 10 minutes, the result has been a great increase in the staff canteen frequentation.

Well done, as well it is true that the improvement of the attractivity of the staff canteen would have been much more complicated!

Enforcing enterprise methodology

How to inforce an enterprise-wide methodology?

A financial company wants to adopt a global methodology to better master the requirement and design phases of its projects, and to create a manageable enterprise memory. After several studies, the end-up solution is composed of internal best practices in different fields, of RUP and UML methodologies, and of a complex set of products and tools.

Which tactic has been used to spread the enterprise-wide methodology?

For budget reasons, external staff, that represents more than 2 on 3 persons working for this company, receive no more allocated material. Each external person will work on their on personal computer.

Internal IT services refuses to install any tool or product on the external staff pc, argumenting that their service scope is only for internals.

After two years of a such experiment, the dissemination within the company is always in phase of initialization. No progress has been seen, and the enterprise-wide methodology is not applied at all, each intervening people uses its own methodology.

Dismaying, isn't it!