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How to increase the frequentation of the staff canteen?

The chief executive director of a military domain company, felt sorry for the lack of frequentation of the staff canteen. He informed the chief security officer on its doubts, about the survival of the staff canteen if it does not get more interest from the employees.

Which decision would you take to save the staff canteen?

The chief security officer did a private enquiry that showed most part of the employes were getting out to the nearest commercial center for lunch. Employees had to walk roughly ten minutes to reach this center.

He decided to change the internal procedure rules, switching from one hour to half an hour for lunch time. As only few employees will accept to eat in 10 minutes, the result has been a great increase in the staff canteen frequentation.

Well done, as well it is true that the improvement of the attractivity of the staff canteen would have been much more complicated!